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Pudding and Pie
Pudding and Pie , a small family run business which specialises in making tasty home-made pies from locally sourced produce. A tradition of baking with our Great Great Grandma, running Blackhurst Tearooms in Wrea Green. Using family favourite recipes passed down through the generations, we pride ourselves on a beautifully light shortcrust pastry. We make a scrumptious cheese and roasted red onion tart and our "famous" cheese and onion pie. Cheese from JJ Sandhams at Barton, is a distinct, mature cheddar. Meat from Moss House Farm, Treales, hung for 21 days to enhance the flavour. Steak and Lancashire Ale, Steak and Creamy Stilton, Roast Pork, Cider and Apple, Roast Pork & Chorizo, plus many more. We also bake "probably" the best scones on the Fylde coast and delicious cakes.

Find us at Poulton market every Monday and many farmers markets, food events and agricultural shows locally .
07909 293657